Welcome to the City of Orlando's Online Community Parking Reservation System

The City of Orlando has allocated a limited number of parking spaces to be reserved for use at selected city owned parking garages and surface lots. Your reservation guarantees you that a parking spot will be available to you within the time frame(s) outlined herein and in the selected facility.

For Single Day or Evening Parking: Single Event Parking can be purchased anytime by selecting the event date or multiple event dates. Partial Season Package parking for Orlando Magic/Solar Bears games are available for purchase through

Time of Parking Reservation: Your reserved parking space will be available approximately 2 hours prior to the event until 5:29 a.m. the following morning. Hourly fees will apply after 5:29 a.m. For hourly fee info please visit

Due to demand and allocation management please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO TRANSFERS OR REFUNDS.

To purchase a permit:

  1. Have your credit card information available before continuing.
  2. Choose the desired parking garage or surface lot. A computerized allocation system will determine whether permits are available at that location. If that location's spaces are sold out you will be directed to the next available garage/lot or you can choose another location yourself. Only 10 days of permits may be purchased at one time except for Orlando Magic//Solar Bears which will be set up with matching their amount of season tickets to a packaged permit or set of permits.
  3. If permits are available you will be asked to supply us with:
    • Credit card information where parking fees will be billed. Your credit card statement will show Remit-Online as the payee. Renounced charges are subject to a $20 fee for each renounced charge.
  4. Upon approval, print EACH permit for EACH day you have reserved on your home or office printer. Season ticket holders will have only one permit to be displayed at each game. Cell phones and screen shots are unable to be accepted.
  5. Display ONLY ONE permit on dash of vehicle IN THE LOT OR GARAGE YOU PURCHASED IT FOR ONLY after you present it to the garage or lot attendant for authentication. Duplicated numbers/permits will be rejected and you will be asked to exit the garage or pay the appropriate fee if space is available.

All persons with disabilities purchasing a permit to park in a disabled designated space must have a valid person with disability hangtag along with their purchased permit visibly displayed on their dashboard. All parking facilities meet or exceed federal ADA guidelines. All garages have spaces either on the first level of the garage or nearest the elevators on the upper levels or both,

You park at your own risk. Please lock your vehicle. The City of Orlando shall not be liable for any risk, or loss, damage to properties including vehicles or contents therein, which may result from the use of parking services or facilities. No bailment is intended or created. Vehicles that experience mechanical failure must be moved or removed immediately.

Parking will have a list of authorized permits and receipt numbers and will actively enforce facilities by checking permits or receipts on dashboards. Vehicles in violation are subject to citation with a fine not to exceed $50 per occasion. Please ensure your permit/receipt issued by the attendant is prominently displayed on the driver side, with the dated side up.

By clicking here, I have read and agree to the above rules and wish to continue to permit reservation